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I was tasked to research and present a significant, cultural change in visual art's contemporary space in a lecture at USC's Roski, School of Arts.
To create a stimulating lecture that conveys the message thoroughly.
I decided to research virtual reality and augmented reality and translate it into an engaging presentation.
   - Content Creation
   - Identity System
   - Presentation
For this project I was asked to create a visual media process that best portrays a significant, cultural topic of my choice. I wanted to focus in creating a presentation that would actively engage viewers in the essence of immersive technology by showcasing 2 media content.
I integrated 360 degree, VR compatible content that I made to best engage the audience. Both videos stimulate reactive emotions such as joy and fear. Immerse yourself a world of corgi puppies at Corgichella2018, or in a labyrinth of books at USC's Doheny Library.
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