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Mortal Engines
Create a VFX composition of a 3D concept mock up.
I decided to create a short time-based visual to portray a concept mock up inspired by the film Mortal Engines.
For this project, the main focus was to express a concept model by utilizing 3D VFX techniques. My process consisted of utilizing Maya, Syntheyes, and Nuke to create a visual portrayal of a utopia that has forced humanity to inhabit the skies.

Futura is a 3-D visual simulation of a conceptual, futuristic utopia. The simulation pitches a possible solution to the over population and crowded density of humans on Earth. By capitalizing the infinite space of the ungoverned sky, we lessen the human footprint on Earth. In order to achieve this simulation while considering the ideals of a futuristic society that addresses today's problems with resources, both raw and intellectual, it was important to consider the design process as collaborative, open, and adaptable.

By compositing together some open source materials found online and original models made personally, the concept of a sky fortress metropolis and a sustainable society is imaginable.

PHASE_A: Modeling a polygonal assemblage [using the 3D program MAYA] utilizing and adjusting some found, open source objects such as the mountains, trees, and helicopter, and creating own elements such as the base, engine, and overall composite to create an example of a cohesive sky city.

PHASE_B: Constructing the appropriate lighting within the scenery that best highlights the city's form. Adding materials to the modeled objects to simulate a tactile and dense foundation to the modeled city. In order to best create a contrasted visual render, calibrating the necessary render settings.

PHASE_C: Working with the UV editor to apply textures and variety in materials and attributes.

PHASE_FINAL: Rigging the perspective camera and working with Syntheyes [A standalone 3D tracking program] to accurately composite the 3D model over an aerial found footage of Los Angeles by tracking the planar perspectives of sequenced images.

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