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Create an eco-friendly brand narrative through a range of brand packaging designs and other visual content.
Creating an eco-friendly brand narrative that is authentic to its mission as a sustainable brand when considering package design.
Create an authentic eco-friendly business through its product packaging designs by highlighting the use of recycled/recyclable materials.
Visual Design
   - Brand Packaging
   - Logo Conception -> Iterations
   - Web Layout
   - Storefront Exterior Design
With 52 "micro-seasons" per year, the fashion and beauty industry constantly produce millions of products, contributing to fast fashion's pollution and harm to the environment. Thread brings up solutions to authentic visual conceptions of product packaging for the fashion and beauty industry.
Thread presents itself as a whimsical, humble brand that puts all eyes on its simple design. Utilizing textures of nature into the materialism of the package designs (wood specifically), consumers resonate with a sense of sustainability as it sees a visual connection of the materials used for the packaging with nature. 
The idea is to imply that the brand products are sufficiently use sources, and emphasizes conservation, recycling, and other eco-friendly sustainable processes by placing the products on the same level as the ground, or spilling on it.
Asset 1.png

Thread is a project pitch that addresses the fast fashion epidemic, promoting sustainable alternatives to purchasing clothing and beauty products that contribute to fast fashion’s pollution. With its connections to sweatshops, exploitative labor, and chemical pollution, fast fashion is the second most polluting industry globally. The fashion industry's clothing and cosmetic products should address sustainable alternatives that minimizes harm to the environment. By focusing on reusability, conservation, and recycling, Thread uses sustainable packaging material such as wood, recycled paper, and aluminum. 


Thread logo variation II.


Thread is designed to be a brick and mortar store to host communal activities and lesson regarding sustainability. However, digital marketing of this brand is important. Below are digital platforms to spread the message. The website layout is a prototype and serves to visually layout the main functions. Instagram is also another platform to utilize for showcasing products and providing details and links for e-commerce strategies. 

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